Infinity's Muddy Marvels


Becky Smith and Steve Williams from Infinity kept their cool to successfully complete the recent Tough Mudder Classic North West endurance course.

The daredevil duo overcame 25 obstacles along a course of over eight miles at Cholmondeley Castle, Cheshire.

Among the obstacles were the ‘Arctic Enema’ ice bath and ‘Electroshock Therapy’, a series of dangling wires carrying 10,000 volts.

It was the first Tough Mudder encounter for senior manager Steve and the second for trainee accountant Becky.

While Steve says he’s not sure he’ll be rushing to take part in another, Becky has other ideas.

She said: “Steve was really amazing and did get into the Tough Mudder spirit. Fingers crossed I’ll drag him along to more events.”

The following day, Becky was back at Cholmondeley Castle – this time as a volunteer helping to ensure the safety of mudders at the ‘Augustus Gloop’, which involves climbing a ladder in a tube while being showered with cold, muddy water.

Becky is aiming to complete at least six Tough Mudder Classics in 2020, starting in London West next May, and hopes by doing so to raise funds for a Manchester charity.

She is also eager to undertake a Toughest Mudder event, a five-mile course tackled over 12 hours through the night.

Becky became hooked on Tough Mudder watching her husband Gary take part in a 5km event for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

She said: “I think I actually prefer to volunteer more than I like to run the course. It’s tiring, but full of positivity and teamwork, as everyone is working together for the same outcome.”

Paul Wogan